parajumper parajumper
  • Isolate hazardous area and deny entry

  • NIMS compliant

  • Keep track of who has entered and left an incident scene

  • Replace paper-based Incident Command system

  • Helps keep track of equipment, resources, and tasks

Secure Network Systems™ is offering a new integrated, field ready, mobile emergency site system for assured identity verification featuring interoperability between local, state, regional, and Federal agencies and layers. The system meets all present and upcoming Federal guidelines required by HSPD-5 and HSPD-12.

Deploying digital access control systems into the field for controlling the perimeter of an incident scene, limiting hot zone access, and accounting for personnel and equipment both during the event and for later crime scene investigation. With the same single smart card as a base, you can replace a paper-based Incident Command system, reduce the number of officers maintaining boundaries, and manage personnel deployed at an incident. Add-on field-deployable environmental sensors and mobile camera increase situational awareness.

As a mobile system it has been hardened to ensure continuous operation in a variety of climactic and environmental extremes, and still perform regardless of the availability of communications and redundant power. Easy to use reporting tools automate regular and ad-hoc report creation.


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